NOTE: We do not have any copyrights or other rights placed on the website pictures. Most of the images on the website are posted automatically, through the creation of direct links, from open Internet resources. If You are the author of the images or photos posted on this site have the copyright and don't want to be posted here (or on the resource you specified the wrong source), You can use the following two options.

Method 1

You can change the configuration of your website so that the images could not be used directly from other sites. For example, you can use mod_rewrite addition to the webserver. Once you turn on the ban on the display of the images - they will automatically disappear from our issuance.

Method 2

Use the form below and send a message in the following format:

  1. Briefly describe how you feel about the picture (the owner, Creator, own the copyright).
  2. What action we need to do is: delete the image from the site, add a link to the correct source, more.
  3. Direct URL of the page hosting the image (
  4. Direct URL you are interested in pictures. You can get it by clicking right click on the image and then selecting the menu item "copy image URL".

Please follow the format of the treatment, otherwise it will be difficult to handle. Thank you!

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